Eun-Jeong Kang

Hi, my name is Eun-Jeong (EJ) 🙂

(you can pronounce my name “oong-jeong” and I also prefer to be called ‘EJ’ ),

My research is related to build and design communication systems to improve online space creatively, positively, and collaboratively. Specifically, I am answering questions related to how AI can be designed to mediate humans’ communication by using human-centered approach.
Recently, I have been exploring problems of AI applications impacting the real-world users such as fans, creators, and others.
Before starting the academic life, I worked as a digital advertising content planner for about 3 years and also have work experience for a freelanced web developer.
I am a first year PhD student @ Cornell University.<p> You can confirm my CV @ here. I hope to talk with you with any topics!


Jan 18, 2023 The paper I worked as a collaborator has accepted to CHI 2023.🎉🎉
Dec 9, 2022 I will present my current ongoing research paper at NeurIps2022 culture in AI workshop.
Aug 23, 2022 Start new journey as a PhD Student at Cornell University! I will work with Prof. Susan Fussell.

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  • Visualization
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  • publications

    1. Neurips
      How Does Netflix "Understand" Me?: Exploring End-user Needs to Design Human-centered Explanations
      Choi, Yoonseo, Kang, Eun Jeong, and Kim, Juho
      In 2021
    2. IUI
      CrowdForest: A Visualization Tool for Opinion Sharing based-on Semantic Figurative Metaphors
      Kang, Eun Jeong, Hur, Cin Young, and Choi, Yong Soon
      In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces Companion 2020
    3. Neurips
      A generative approach to Korean abstract painting Dansaekhwa
      Han, TaeJae, Kang, Eun-Jeong, Bae, Jinho, and Park, Junghyun
      In NeurIPS 2019 Creativity and Design workshop 2019
    4. IJACT
      Body Food: Touch Mat for Emotional and Physical Development of Children
      Jo, H., Kang, E., Yoon, Y., and Choi, Y.
      In International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology 2019
    5. Thesis(KR)
      Selpinion: Self Affirmation Opinion Elaboration System for Improving Quality of Discourse
      Kang, Eun-Jeong
      In Sogang University 2020
    6. CSCW
      FanARea : What does the future of fandom social communities look like?
      Kang, Eun Jeong, Jo, Hangyeol, Lee, Dayoung, Lim, Boyong, and Han, Hyeseon
      In Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing 2020. The Future of Social AR Workshop 2020