When emotions become form vol.2

An interactive machine learning application reflecting humans' emotions

This is an extended work from our previous work ‘When emotions become form’.

0️⃣ My role in the project
This is the project results from which I participated in ‘AI College’ in Korea. I was involved in the project as a researcher, and worked with developers and researcher. Through the reseaching AI-infused creativity process, I became to wonder how the ML facilitates humans’ activities in the creative side.

1️⃣ Overview
“When Emotions Become Form” is an hommage to Harald Szeemann’s exhibition “When Attitudes Become Form (1969)”. At that time, Szeemann pointed out the importance of the attitude of thinking and conceptualizing the meaning of art rather than of the work itself. It accentuated the role of curators as much of that of the artists as creators or exhibition makers in modern art. From this perspective, we attempted to set Machine as the creator. We also share the same notion by expanding such role to machines, proving that “(human) emotions” can be expressed in “AI-form”.

3️⃣ Result
We introduced our project in Nurips2019 Creativity Workshop and Artcenter Nabi exhibition.

when emotions become form / T-25 from Eun Jeong Kang on Vimeo.