A web app supporting viewership for K-Pop dance content

In South Korea, followed by the K-pop trend, K-Pop dance practices become popular between dancers as well as students. YouTube plays an important source that young people can learn dances. Furthermore, dancers gain inspirations from YouTube to be inspired for their dance creation. Based on the interviews with dancers, we found that they wantche YouTube parallelly, rather than watch videos in a row to compare detailed actions in the videos.

To support their viewership, we devleoped a web-based video creative board named `Partti’. In the board, dancers as well as common users are able to watch videos parallelly and compare with the videos by creating their own playlists. In the board, users are able to collect videos to create playlists, then parallelize them together in our video player.

This project is supported by the Korea Contents Creative Agency fellowship. The prototype was built and deployed after several expert’s feedback.