The Place Without Space

VR artwork

  • Place `[noun]`: a particular position or point in space
  • Space `[noun` : a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied

    In general, people establish their own place in some space, and the space could become meaningful for the people who recognized it as their place. When we consider Virtual Reality(VR) experience, the place we recognize in the VR doesn't exist in actual physical area. We can experience what we want anywhere if we have Head Mount Display(HMD). For example, you can go Egypt as well as Mt. Alps at your house. The place in the VR doesn't require any space in reality, but it is able to create place for uses infinitely.
    We want to ask; Would a place without space be able to provide restful place to you?
    'The Place Without Space' is VR artwork. The work intentionally break users' immersive experience in VR. When the users face their reality by encountering the fallen reality in virtual space, they feel the deception of the place by themselves.

    🌃 This artwork was published in Virtual Reality course(2018)